Security systems

We add value to your projects with our young and dynamic technical staff in order to develop solutions in line with the needs of electronic security systems, to supply the products to be used in the project, to assemble the system, to inform the users about the use of the system.

The said service covers the following engineering fields:

Voice Alarm

Smart Building Systems

Card Access Systems

Turnstile Entry Systems

Fire Safety systems

Fire detection and alarm systems are systems for both life and property protection, which are established to detect fires that may occur in all kinds of structures, buildings, facilities and businesses at the very beginning, to inform the residents of this situation, to inform the necessary security units and the fire department.

With our expert team, strong staff and attractive offers; We prepare the most modern infrastructure and projects, we install Fire Safety Systems in accordance with the regulations on a turnkey basis. Our company successfully carries out turnkey projects at many points every year.


Together with security and cctv infrastructure solutions, we maximize the security of your buildings or work areas and make the control mechanism more perfect. A security breach can be resolved very easily in some systems. The CCTV system has a wide range of uses, especially in the areas of security and crime fighting.

The usage areas of CCTV systems are as follows.

  • Traffic monitoring and management,
  • Product quality control in workplaces, factories and enterprises,
  • Increasing the service quality in public transportation vehicles,
  • Prevention of accident and reckless behavior,
  • Detection of malicious people.