High voltage

As Çetik Group Energy, it continues its contracting services uninterruptedly with its engineering staff and professional technical team, without sacrificing technical specifications, with the awareness of engineering, energy efficiency and nature protection, and with the power it receives from customer satisfaction.

The said contracting service covers the following engineering fields:

  • High voltage switchgear and substations
  • High Voltage Switchgears
  • Underground Cable Distribution
  • Energy Transmission Line


Medium voltage

We produce solutions with our expert and experienced staff in medium voltage projecting/contracting. We are at your side in designing, testing and commissioning all kinds of medium voltage facilities.

The said service covers the following engineering fields:

  • Medium Voltage Operating Responsibility
  • Medium Voltage Maintenance and Repair
  • Medium Voltage Installations Application
  • All kinds of Transformer Plant Project and Commitment
  • Testing and Commissioning of All Kinds of Medium Voltage Switchgears


Low Voltage

We add value to our projects by producing the most suitable solutions with our experienced staff in Low Voltage. From the design stage to testing and commissioning, we have achieved success in all our projects, provided that all of our staff fully comply with the occupational safety rules.

The said service covers the following engineering fields:

  • Distribution, MCC and Compensation Panels
  • Busbar Distribution Systems
  • Cable Carrier Systems


Weak current

Weak current systems; They are systems that enable the regulation of security, communication and information flow areas in mass housing, shopping malls, collective living areas, factories, industrial facilities, fuel stations, workplaces of all sizes and in every area where people live. Having a seamless infrastructure so that the systems can be set up and run both independently and in an integrated manner is an area that requires 24-hour support.

The said service covers the following engineering fields:

  • Fire Detection and Warning System
  • Telephone/Data Systems
  • Audio and Voice Alarm Systems